“We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?” (Anonymous – origin unknown)

Over time we have been a less than respectful tenant of our shared space. There is, however, a collective consciousness to do more now to protect and restore. The impact of consumerism, manufacture and packaging on our environment is a necessary hot topic in the press and in our day to day dialogue. As a commercial retailer and Gallery space we hear the thoughts from both suppliers and customers and in turn observe a concerted effort being made to produce with a conscience and to purchase mindfully.

We have a duty of care to the planet wherever we place ourselves within the consumer chain. It has certainly had an impact on our sourcing practice. Putting green initiatives in to practice is palpable within the artistic and handmade sector. Statements of environmentalism, use of sustainable materials and the creation of something new from the used are all ways in which creative practitioners are expressing their allegiance. It is an ideology that we wanted to be the focus of our latest Gallery exhibition.

UPCYCLE – RECYCLE is a showcase celebrating art, design and craft that is created with conscience. The exhibits are the works of predominantly local and national artists and makers. It features wall art, plinth work, textile and gift all of which is handmade with the environment front of mind. The mix is eclectic and will be indicative of how refined and desirable up cycled and recycled creation can be.

The ethos is being carried through to the marketing of the event. The invitation to the show is being sent digitally and those who are on the postal mailing list will receive a postcard to eliminate the use of an envelope. The card itself is 100% recycled and manufactured with wind power and the font used for the exhibition is an “eco-font” which only uses half the ink.

The exhibition at Arteria with Gallery 23 runs from 17th May through to 6th October 2018 with a preview event on Thursday 17th May from 5pm-7pm.

You can find out more by contacting the Gallery on 01524 61111 or emailing info@arteriashop.co.uk

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