APRICITY –  “The Warmth of the Sun in Winter” – A Seasonal Gallery Exhibition @ Arteria

The word Apricity is an obsolete English term from 1623 and simply means “The warmth of the sun in winter” A word we would like to revive for our latest Gallery exhibition


When the winter season sparks a chill in the air and the evening light becomes brief we find comfort in warmth and illumination, we find comfort in opposites. Whether it is the sun casting long shadows across a frosty landscape or the ambient glow from candlelight in an otherwise dimly lit room.


Our winter exhibition at Arteria embraces the change of season and celebrates those delights that we find outdoors and within the home.


We have lovingly sourced handmade gifts for all the family that are thoughtfully created by local and national artisans. From handcrafted decorations to wall art, in Apricity you will find a selection of truly unique pieces.


The show runs from Thursday 11th October to Saturday 5th January with a special Winter Shopping Day on Sunday 25th November from 12 noon until 3pm.


For more information you can contact Arteria on 01524 61111 or email info@arteriashop.co.uk


You will also find regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at www.arteriashop.co.uk

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